chinese,  i have heard before, 4-leg-animals are allowed to eat except " table". but here come  evoluation, shoes can be eat with drinks and even jam." low birth rate" and "  highest kidney washout rate in the world" are found out the root causes at the same time. oh my god. all my many gods. 

i was heard " 遠哲(Yuan-Tseh Lee,1936年11月19日-)was the nobel prize winner. before kissing the ass of the president, he was smart. can he come out to tell people in taiwan “ plastic shoes are not eatable" ? 

does he really the effects of formasa plastic issus? why is he alway care about the things he don't know much"? 他不是 經過 聯考 考上 竹中 與 台大化學嗎? 果然, 頭不能被人 亂摸. 

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