7am ~ to office and check email 

8am ~ call Boston customers to see any data needs

8:30 am ~ call Silion Valley customers to follow up the revised layout

9:00 am ~ email Sony in Japan to ask for PO  , they will email back quickly, but don't call them, otherwise, you are going to hear " one person said english carefully, and with a lot of laugh as background music"

11:0 am ~ call Taiwan Design house engineer, and teach them how to do reliability 

2:00 pm ~ email to Europe design engineers and call them to hear the sweatest english with french words. 

6:00 pm ~ wait for Korean customers ( L & S) to call us, the engineers do what they want, use over 10 mask revised. 

9:00 pm ~ conf. call with Boston, the real big customer, to discuss the layout revise, and discuss the vswr. 

10:00 pm ~ home 

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