Good to hear F. Plastic Shut Down from June 1st. 

As a Supplier Quality Engineer in SWKS, I have very good chance to work with giant company quality supplier team. 

First, TS16949 is more reastic and effective than ISO for real product check from in and out. Not only for factory site, but also for HR ( human resorce management), ex, If the IC design dept. want to hire a engineer for layout, HR should ask the owner to list the criteria to hire this layout engineer, likes education, layout skill training... . How to prove this engineer has enough education? show the diploma. 

So, my point is why people can easily to sell plastic additives to food-maker, not shoe-maker. Nobody check who has right/capability to sell and buy. No license, and no diploma. 這次 的 負責人 是 化工 二專畢, 此文憑 似乎 meet the requirement to sell the plastic additives. 到底 對 人命的 尊重不夠, 或 是 專業不夠.....

as f. plastic, they have enough power to hire a lot qualified engineers, but due to only " paper-read" by 2nd generation of wang family, too much focus on revenue. to provide cheap product to cheap customers, and provide cheap plastic bags/othe plastic products to innocent customers. ~  what's call " cheap luxury" 廉價的奢齒 

no matter you are rich or poor, if people live in taiwan, everbody has to pay for " cheap luxury". 

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