original ~ 實在 看不慣 ㄧ些聰明 的女人 老是裝笨 ~為了取悅 長期飯票 的提供者. of course, this investment is excellent! eps 超高. 

this topic will be hold by female engineer and female m.d., to transfer some critical knowledge to pretty woman, since your man/kids will leave you one day, you have do things by yourself.  

we don't talk about " make up", and will focus on chemistry, and physics, mathematics, compute software, and medicine.

女人/女孩 專屬, 不談 " 如何取悅 男人" , 只想 告訴 你ㄧ些 基本常識 ~ 普化,普物,數學,電腦程式,醫學

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