Employee motivation and empowerment (員工的 動力, 阿~ 那不是 錢 , 那是 啥, 對領袖的愛戴 嗎? 就是 “分的公平" , 公司要賺錢, 才有得分, 要分, 也要分的公平, 這屬於 老闆 三隻走狗之一的 job function, hr, human resource 呀! )


The organization shall have a process to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, to make continual (again, 男人女人都在乎 持續, 這個adv )improvements, and to create an environment to promote innovation.  The process shall include the promotion of 1.quality and 2.technological awareness throughout the whole organization.  (quality , 大家都會屁, 重點是 technological awareness, 魔鬼就在 細節 裡, tech 加上 awareness , 就不同了, 好的工程師 通常 觀察力 很強, 就像, 蔣公 會看 小魚 逆游而上, 且 擒賊先擒王 子, key point is the key, 瞭了吧!)



The organization shall have a process to measure(測量 這件事 很重要, 我們當然可以 手測 8" pizza, 可以 用 默念 counting 1 min process time, so , you know what i mean, 工程師  可手測 長度, 永遠 知道 1min , 不用手表. 還是不要 想太多, 日子 總得過下去) the extent to which its personnel are aware of the relevance (相關性, very critical) and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives. (就是說, 功勞大 拿的多) (see 6.2.2.d

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